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Clayton Hilliard
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Part-time God / Admin

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PostSubject: Touring   Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:10 pm

The world has got a lot to offer, and we'd like you to go out and explore :)
Here's what you need to keep in mind!

- Most important would be, before I discuss anything else, to keep in mind that it takes time to travel to a new city, and especially if you have bandmembers, take your time as you don't want anyone to miss a jam session or show!
Traveltimes can be found at Community > Travellers Guide > Highway Routes (or check the Popomap and click on the city you are in).

- When you are away from your hometown, you need to stay in hotels in other cities. You can set your preferences at Career > Members Only > Preferences, and put it to "Always stay in cheapest hotel". This way you might lose 50 euros a day on your hotel. So make sure that, whenever you go on tour, you can afford this, as having no place to stay will drop your mood.

- At first you would always need to hitchhike your way around. You do this by going to the Travel Routes on the city page, and just move your character to the route you need to be on. In time you will be picked up by tour busses from other bands.

- I think a normal Mini Van (so not a second hand one) costed me 20.000 euros at the time. But it is REALLY worth the investment. So if you don't need the money from your band, leave it in.
Apparently, the cheapest vehicle comes at 7.200 only :)
Once any of you gets a van, please leave a message if you do not know how to plan your trips.
You usually have 2 or three types of one vehicle. You have a Second Hand Mini Van, Mini Van, and Deluxe one for instance. The better it is, the less often it will need to be repaired, but it does not give you extra space for equipment.
note: I think it's not necessary to get stage equipment until you have a normal Tour Bus or better, since you can not get 2* show equipment with a mini van anyway, so spare that money.
note 2: You can only purchase a vehicle and it's equipment with your BAND MONEY, so the cash that your character has does not apply. Not even when you are a solo artist. And keep in mind that you can not donate money to your band. So please use this money only in emergencies.

- You can get your shows abroad by going to Community > Charts > Locales > "list by genre" *your genre* *city*
This will show you a list of clubs in your own genre. Click the ones with the best quality, go to "Shows" and you should find a drop down menu for you to book your own shows there.
If that menu is not there, or you can not get the wanted date anymore, feel free to message the CEO or Owner of that locale for an invitation.
They are most happy to invite you. At least they should be ;)

- Ticketsales are dependant on your fame in the country. You can look up your fame for each country by going to Career > Standings > Fame & Popularity. Sales are of course linked to prices. You wouldnt go and pay 25 euros for a band that is quite unknown and impopular in real life as well, would you?

above average - 25
mediocre - 20
below average - 15
poor - 12
terrible - 10
dreadful - 8
horrendous - 7
bottom dwelling - 6
abysmal - 6
truly abysmal - 6

This is the fame-price table I use for most shows. Applicable to incredible clubs and better ones. Tickets start selling 56 days before the show starts (one popoyear). You are free to request lower prices for your first show in a country (try to get it between 3 and 6, as you see fit).

You can request these prices by simply sending a message to the CEO or Owner of the club you booked your show in.
Most people will do this automatically, to prices similar to the list I provided. But if you want a change, just send them a message. And if they don't comply with your wishes, just remember the name and don't book there again.

If I forgot something, or gave out wrong information, send me a PM. Otherwise ask your question in the forum meant for that.

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