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 Pre-Selection for The Renaissance Bandmembers

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Leo Metcalfe
Leo Metcalfe

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Pre-Selection for The Renaissance Bandmembers Empty
PostSubject: Pre-Selection for The Renaissance Bandmembers   Pre-Selection for The Renaissance Bandmembers EmptySat Aug 18, 2007 6:51 pm

Hello you guys !

How's it all going ?

I'm thinking (i'm not yet SURE, but i'll probably do it)
of having some people join me in my band

I'm not looking for specific instruments, but instead for an specific kind of person/ppl:

you must be commited
you must be active enough (24/7 is not required Wink)
you must be 5* in Modern Rock
you must be 5* in at least your basic kind of instrument
a little bit of showmanship is cool, too
whatever else quality you have, just tell me - It might be useful !

And this is only going to happen after the GHAA Tour, so if you'd like to join you don't have to be ready now, but only by the end of october.

By then I'll be hopefully ready to start recording something of my own and after that go on another big tour.

I'd just like to make it clear: i'm not desperate for bandmembers, so it all depends on chemistry and etc... GHAA-membership is not a MUST, but is a great add-on Smile
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Pre-Selection for The Renaissance Bandmembers
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