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 Designing Shows

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Clayton Hilliard
Part-time God / Admin
Part-time God / Admin

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PostSubject: Designing Shows   Thu Jul 05, 2007 12:50 pm

Alright, with the appropriate skills, attributes and instruments you can make great shows.

First of all, if you have skilled up and got an instrument, head over to Career > Members & Songs > Member Roles and set yourself to be some special musician.
Please note, you would need to have the instrument of choice with you (or in your Mini Bus/Tour van if you get that) AT ALL TIMES.

If you have 5* in your Genre Skill, it is time for you to really jam the songs in your repertoire (if you have written them, click on "Add song to repertoire", then go to your repertoire and then give your song a subgenre FROM YOUR MAIN genre).
If the songs are 100% jammed, they start giving you 1* or more in your show review.

Of course, people don't expect you to write the best songs from day one, so there is another option.
You can go to Community > Charts > Artists > Critic's Choice and pick songs from the list to add them to your repertoire.
Please note that these songs have to be released on an album first, before you can cover them.

With the songs in your repertoire covered, you need to design a show.
Good shows have somewhere between 10 and 14 songs. No less, and definately no more either.
In between the songs, the audience expects you to do some Stage Events.
Some stage events do not have particular skills and atributes, others do. Just check through the list of Events, and the needed skill and attribute will be shown.

Certain Events that are bound to do good are the ones you are skilled in, like "perform a dance on stage" when you have Basic Dancing, or "make the crowd sing along" when you have Basic Showmanship and a reasonable voice.
The best one, that you should always try to use, is "Turn up the volume". This is bound to give you a 4 or 5* rating for that event, and really helps :)

To compare your shows with mine, I will post what I currently use.
1 Enter stage
2 Play You Can't Hide
3 Greet the Audience (C. Hilliard)
4 Play Without You I'm Nothing
5 Tune Instruments (C. Hilliard)
6 Play Don't Let My Tears Go To Waste
7 Talk to the crowd (A. Doran)
8 Play Why have it gone all wrong?
9 Knock over Stage Equipment (L. Foster)
10 Play Jaded
11 Play Autumn (ft. Megan Starsmore)
12 Praise the crowd (C. Hilliard)
13 Play Count the ways I love you
14 Play The search...
15 Make the crowd sing along (C. Hilliard)
16 Play Singing Lessons With DA
17 Perform a dance on stage (A. Doran)
18 Play Let's Dance?
19 Dedicate next song to someone (C. Hilliard)
20 Play The Trophy Title
21 Crank up the Volume
22 Play Everchanging Days
23 Leave stage
24 Play Waterfall as encore.
25 Play Feathered as encore.
(14 songs and 11 events)

As you can see, the encores are not written by me or members of my band. I took those from the Critic's Choice list.
They need to be around 30% fame to be accepted as an encore, and around 50% in order to make them scream for another encore.

Also, check my bandmembers skills and attributes if you wondered why certain people do certain Events.

And you know what comes next:
If I forgot something, or gave out wrong information, send me a PM. Otherwise ask your question in the forum meant for that.
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Barend Arets
Queen of Metal
Queen of Metal

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PostSubject: Re: Designing Shows   Thu Jul 12, 2007 6:55 am

I'd like to add one thing though:

For stage events you need your genre skill as well. When you want to f.e. Burn A Flag, it's under Punk Rock, and requires the skills Rethoric and Basic Showmanship.
To get the full 5 stars for this event you need 5 stars in Rethoric and Basic Showmanship of course, but also 5 stars in Punk Rock, as it is a genre event.
For Generic events you don't need a specific Genre skill.

And one more thing: the right balance of songs vs. events is roughly 50/50. Don't do too many events, and don't do too many songs without events in between either.
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Designing Shows
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