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Clayton Hilliard
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Part-time God / Admin

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PostSubject: Skills   Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:54 am

There are A LOT of skills in this world of Popomundo.
Luckily for us, they have been collected by someone else, and you can find them on this website:

The first thing you want to have, is your so called Genre Skill.
This is the skill that links to the genre your band is active in. I don't know if it's still the same, but when I started I could choose to get the book from my Mother when completing the Newbie Tour there.
You can also buy the book in the shops under the name "History of *genre*" and learn it from there.

It is extremely important to get 5* in this skill since only that, will allow you to jam your songs for 100%. If you dont have the skill, you can get it only to 50% and your songs will not improve your show rating at all.
When you have it at 1*, 60%. At 2*, 70% and so on.

After that, it is usually time to get at least one Instrument Skill. This would be the skill that you want your character to know for the band.
For a lot of instruments you first need the Basic Book, later followed by a specific one.
For instance, you want to be an electric guitar player, you would first need "Basic String Instruments", later follow by "Play The Electric Guitar".
For piano player (like myself) you first need Basic Keyboard Instruments, followed by Play The Piano.
For singers you first need Basic Singing, followed by any of the specialised books on singing.

Skills such as Dancing or Turntable Techniques only need the Basic skill, so this is a lot easier and quicker if you want a second stage skill :)

Once you have all that complete to make your band work really well, you can choose to get Stage Skills. These skills include Basic Showmanship, Basic Make-Up, Basic Catwalking, Basic Modelling, Basic Fashion and one more.
Please check for more information, and visit the link I posted at the start of the topic.

Other important skills are Yoga/Martial Arts and Religion, as I explained in the Mood & Health topic.
Basic Lyrics and Basic Composing for writing the songs you see up in the charts.

I would suggest you really take your time to visit the first website mentioned in this post and make your way around there, to see what the world has got to offer you.

And once again, if I forgot something,
or gave out wrong information, send me a PM. Otherwise ask your
question in the forum meant for that.
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