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 Being a CEO

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Clayton Hilliard
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Part-time God / Admin

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PostSubject: Being a CEO   Mon Jul 16, 2007 12:43 pm

Since few of you have bought VIP, and might want to work as CEO, I'll write a short manual.

CEOs are the "second in command" of a specific locale. You can be a CEO for any type of locale, but most are rather easy (and/or do not require any work at all). More specifically (and important) I will be talking about Club CEOs.

Locale Information: Here you can see some general information of the locale, and you can edit standard prices (what Does will pay when they visit), the picture of the locale and the locale text (what is visible to other users when they visit the locale).

View Locale: check out the locale as if you moved your character there.

Workers: Check for workers, who are working there, what are the wages? And also the hiring of new workers (through welfare, or just opening up a new spot) can be done in this menu.

Annual Financial Report: Enough said.

Improve & Repair: Next to quality, a locale also has a certain condition it's in. For clubs, this is linked to their Wattage. So especially when big bands play, get it back to perfect (my band has 91.000 Watt of equipment, for instance).
When buying a new locale, watch out for poor conditions, it costs a lot to improve this!

Salaries Due: What is being paid to your workers this week? (Includes taxes).

View Income/View Expenses: Enough said.

Products For Sale: Certain types of locales can sell certain items. Here's what you have in stock (or not anymore). Check on it.

Restock Products: If you have items in your inventory, but (almost) ran out of them, this is the menu to buy new stuff. If you are uncertain as to what to stock, come with specific questions. You do not want to stock too much of the expensive stuff.

Add New Product: If you're only selling one item, but want it to be more different things, this is your menu.

Shows: These are all upcoming shows. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT menu of all. In here, you can adjust ticketprices and raise ticketlimits.
Note that you can never raise a ticket price, but always lower it. That is why almost all clubs have standard prices that are way to high for 99.9% of the bands. They will adjust things as soon as you have booked (and possibly messaged them).

Previous Shows: Who played here, and how many did they sell in the end?
I never check this anymore. What's done is done.

Open Shows and Invitations: If you have invited a band, they will appear in a list here. You can change the ticketprice before they have accepted, already. Quite useful if people request specific ticketprices before they want to accept them.

Even if you have a perfect club, not everyone will just come and play, there's a lot of competition around. So, therefore, you would want to invite bands.
In the Company Forum, bands tend to list their future touring schedule, asking for invitations. Try to invite them according to their wishes.

You can also go to their bandpage and click the option "Invite Artist To Play At Locale". You will now get a menu which allows you to pick a place (if you have control of more clubs), date and time for the show.

The thing you want to do when going out huge, is to go to Community > Charts > Artists > Artist Rankings > Genre/Global/Number One.
This way, you get the complete standings of your genre, starting at #1.
You can go band by band, see if they accept invitations (to competitions) or not. If they dont accept them, dont bother, you cant send them anything.
If they accept invitations, check their schedule and see if you can fit a show into their schedule. Note that bands might not want to play twice in the same city after one another, and they need time to travel as well. Dont send out invitations you wouldnt accept yourself as well.

This is very time consuming, but can make you LOADS OF CASH if done properly and with some care.

One last thing on CEOs in general. Usually, when you are a lazy CEO (just there for the quality of the locale), you only get (max) payment.
When you invite a lot of bands, owners will probably give you a bonus for that. So, ask for it!

I hope I didnt forget anything. If you are CEO and would like some help, just ask (on the forum).
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Jonathan Harris
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Moderator in love

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PostSubject: Re: Being a CEO   Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:22 pm

Locale Special: (security firm)

Security firms in general don't have a lot to worry about.

Base Price: This is what keeps your locale competitive. to see the prices of your competitors, go to your CEO screen and click Edit by the base price. then click competitor charts.

other than that, deal with workers as with any other type of locale, repair to the owners request (some people i noticed don't want to keep paying to keep a locale perfect)
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Being a CEO
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