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 XP Points

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Clayton Hilliard
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Part-time God / Admin

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PostSubject: XP Points   Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:44 am

There are nine ways to spend your XP points, and I will give a brief description of the effects, and why to (not) use your points on this particular item.

Here goes;
Current Skill: Spending one point on the current skill will have the same effect as one update, this will NOT give you an extra star in the matching skill, so please don't use your points on this, but just wait for the daily (twice a day) updates to improve your skills.

Current Song: Same as above. This can be done through the daily updates, and would be a waste of your XP points.

Mood: If you are really low on mood, you can use your XP points to upgrade the state you're in. However, I would recommend using the appropriate actions on the special dates (Valentine's, Halloween and New Year's Eve) to get a mood boost.

Health: Same as above. Some people might want to save some XP for after/during their pregnancy because health takes a hit in this period.
You do not get health boost from the special days in Popomundo.

Charm: Important for certain jobs (check Help > Companies > Employees to learn more about jobs and locales).

Looks: A lot of hassle about appearance these days. Looks are needed for certain jobs as well, and they work great on stage of course!

Voice: This is, I think, the least important. This attribute is needed for some Stage Events that you can implement in your shows.

Musicality: The most important one (probably). This allows you to write great songs. Isn't that what we all dream off? Before you run out of Newbie XP you are able to get this to perfect if you really want to.
Perfect musicality is no guarantee your first songs will turn out awesome by the way.

Intelligence: The higher your IQ, the quicker you learn new skills. Whether someone is teaching you, or when you have read a book, and then start skilling, this matters a lot.

In the first 25 days (thank you Anthony) of the game you get Newbie XP, 2 per update. You are free to use them on all attributes, but please keep in mind what I stated here. Check what you need for your job, and what you want to do with your carreer.
After that you can get 3 XP per week. This can be obtained through making photographs, healing people (if you are a doctor), jam sessions, and playing shows. There is no unlimited source in XP, and if you check my character, you see that after 300 days, I still have a long way to go before I have the ultimate character. Patience is needed :)

And once again, if I forgot something, or gave out wrong information, send me a PM. Otherwise ask your question in the forum meant for that.

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