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 Health and Mood

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Clayton Hilliard
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Part-time God / Admin

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PostSubject: Health and Mood   Thu Jul 05, 2007 11:37 am

This particulary hard to keep up in the first weeks of the game, with little money and no skills to really help you with that.
And I know that Busking gets you some cash in your early days, but please be careful with that, as it takes away mood and health in the same update!

Here are a few ideas;

- Rest. This improves your health and costs you nothing. The places with the most impact on your resting are your home, or an hotel. So if you don't have to move and you have your priorities set on Rest, please move your character to one of these places. Especially useful when you go offline/sleep since updates happen at random.

- Go to the gym. This also improves your health, but will cost you a small fee each update. Usually between 20 and 50 euro.
If you have read the book Basic Yoga or Basic Martial arts, your health improves more each update at the gym. The less stars you have, the less the effect will be when you are having good health already.
Also, being at the gym will have a better effect when working out than being in a jam place or so.

- Go shopping. This improves your mood. It costs you whatever you have in cash (it usually takes around 5% of the total cash you are carrying, with a lower limit of 20 as well, I think).
Don't go shopping when you have no money, as this won't do you any good.

- Party all night. This improves your mood but takes some health. You might end up with a special seed to improve your current song though :)

Food for mood! Certain items improve your mood (temporarily). Those items being a Fancy Meal (standard low price is 10) and this lasts for about 5 hours, especially great when you record a song or give a show, since it affects the result. And you have a Plate of Oysters (more expensive), they recently changed the way Oysters affect you, so I will have to do some research on that.

Alcoholic drinks improve your mood for a great deal, but just like real alcohol, they can give you hangovers, which make you feel worse than what you started from. NOT recommended.

Special events. Three times a year there are special events to improve your mood (go to Community > Calender to check upcoming dates).
These are; Valentine's Day (give and receive Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates), there will be a tweak to this next time, so keep your eye on the news when the time comes.
Halloween, on this day you should have a Halloween Monster Mask with you, and then interact with people, using your Monster Mask under Items.
You can only do this once per hour, so keep that in mind. It gives you a 5-15% mood boost every time you scare someone. So, trick or treat! ;)
New Year's Eve, during this day you need to set off a small set of fireworks in order to get your boost.

Books. For health improvements, study Basic Yoga or Basic Martial Arts, and work out in the gym. Do NOT work out when you have a red health bar. Rest in this case.
Basic Religion is a little more expensive, but improves your mood (or stops it from dropping at least). The more stars, the better it still works when your mood is already high.

Then, two more things. Writing (composing) songs improves your mood, but don't keep writing all your life.
You can also deliberately go to the hospital when you are low on health and/or mood, and be treated there. If you have an empty schedule ahead of you, feel free to be taken in.

If there are any more questions, or things I have missed, feel free to send me a PM or ask in the Questions Forum.
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Health and Mood
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